Thursday, September 8, 2011

About the Ass

This title used to belong to a online friend. He found love, married and stopped wasting time in here. Years passed. Late one of many boring, random typing nights, I checked out thesensibleass and, whoa, it's available. So, I am now the Ass. I won't claim ever to be as clever and witty as Mr. T was (long story about that name, by the way, which we never got around to,) but it's mine, all mine.

For my first project, look at this,


yes, a simple light blub. The magic new kind. The magic new kind that cost like, fifteen bucks and BURNED OUT faster than a regular lght bulb. I think this pretty much makes my case. Uh, what case is that? My personal rampage to stamp out Green and replace it with sensible environmental stewardship.

This sounds very much like your other blog. Oh, no no no. That one is about me; this is about .. things, things that matter.

Oh, and eventually I'll remember what thesensibleass was all about and let you know.